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REMINDER – AMOS Awards open until 1 September 2018

Nominations are now open for the Morton Medal, the Meyers Medal, the Gibbs Medal, and the AMOS Science Outreach Award

Nominations close 1 September 2018

Please consider nominating a colleague for one of these awards, which recognise excellence in the AMOS fields. The four awards recognise:

  • Morton Medal: leadership in meteorology and/or oceanography and/or related fields, with particular emphasis on education and development of young scientists, and personal example in research.
  • Meyers Medal: high-quality and innovative contributions by young researchers in the early stages of their academic career to the sciences covered by AMOS.
  • Gibbs Medal: long-term contribution to operational forecasting services.
  • AMOS Science Outreach Award: engagement with the public, politicians, schools, businesses and communities, to educate and inform those groups on topics associated with AMOS themes.

What needs to be included in a nomination package for all of these awards:

  • A nomination letter of no more than 2 pages. This letter should address the selection criteria for the specific award (these criteria are available on the specific Award webpages).
  • An accompanying brief CV of the nominee of no more than 2 pages.
  • A maximum of 3 letters of support, each no longer than 2 pages.
  • No publication list is to be included in the nomination package.
  • No copies of published papers are to be included in the nomination package.
  • Total maximum length of nomination package: 10 pages.

Please see the AMOS Award webpages at for selection criteria and further details of the awards and the nomination process.

Neville Nicholls
Chair, AMOS Awards Committee

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