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Fellow of AMOS

Fellow of AMOS

The status of Fellow is available to an existing member who has approved professional qualifications in meteorology, oceanography or related subjects and has made major contributions to the AMOS disciplines over a number of years. The requisite level of qualifications shall be determined by Council. Fellows are appointed following a multi-stage election process involving the AMOS Awards Committee and the existing AMOS Fellows.

Nomination for Fellow of AMOS

Candidates that are nominated for the position of Fellow of the Society are expected to meet the following criteria:

Criteria for election:

  1. Postgraduate training (diploma, masters, doctorate) in a field related to one or more of the sciences represented by AMOS.
    Please list qualifications (level, institution, year, discipline)
  2. At least ten years post-tertiary experience practising, applying and/or teaching one or more of the sciences represented by AMOS.
    Please indicate number of years post-tertiary experience.
  3. Continuous membership of the Society for a minimum of the past five years.
  4. A substantial contribution to the AMOS disciplines.
    Please set out separately the case for election as a Fellow and attach it and two letters of support, one from an AMOS member to whom the nominee is well known and one by a peer (preferably from outside the nominee’s section, department or division of their organization) who is also an AMOS member. The case for election should not exceed three pages and letters of support may be photocopies and should not exceed one and a half pages.

Please click here to download nomination form.

Note the following:

  • Nominations require a proposer and seconder.
  • Following the lodging of a nomination, the nominee’s consent will be obtained before the nomination is considered.
  • Nominations must be submitted by 1 November for election in the following year.
  • A maximum of about three Fellows will be elected each year, but nominations remain active a second year (and may be updated by the nominator if desired).

Current list of AMOS Fellows​


Beth Ebert
Chair, AMOS Awards Committee

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