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AMOS Code of Conduct – General


AMOS represents a diverse range of disciplines, encompassing meteorology, oceanography, climate science, and the accompanying natural hazards and societal impacts. The AMOS membership is diverse in terms of both members’ demographics and careers, including amateur enthusiasts, undergraduate and postgraduate students, through to professional engineers and scientists. This code of conduct is written with this diversity in mind, and it is appreciated that some aspects may not be relevant to the activities of all members. However, the code of conduct provides a minimum standard of behaviour for all members, and serious breaches of this code would be interpreted as ‘conduct unbecoming a member’ under the AMOS rules.

AMOS has an additional Code of Conduct for AMOS events that applies to all delegates, in addition to this Code of Conduct for members. In particular, the AMOS Codes of Conduct apply to both in person and online interactions related to AMOS business or events.

The AMOS Community

AMOS provides a mechanism for amateurs and professionals with mutual interests to network, coordinate, and communicate both in person and online, including via social media.

Members are expected to behave in a manner that honours AMOS and the disciplines it represents.

Members shall treat other members and participants in AMOS activities with professional courtesy and respect and shall refrain from ad hominem commentary.

Members involved in AMOS activities shall not discriminate on the basis of age, race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Scientific conduct

A large proportion of AMOS activities are in the scientific realm. Our members are active in Australia and overseas, contributing to the advancement of multiple disciplines.

Members involved in scientific activities should base those activities on sound scientific principles.

Members should communicate their work broadly through written publications, conference presentations, and to the general public when appropriate.

Members should provide due acknowledgement of other people’s work.

Members should avoid any conflicts of interest that may arise in scientific activities and peer review and disclose any conflicts of interest that are unavoidable.

Plagiarism, fabrication or falsification of data, and other misleading behaviour are all unacceptable.

Commercial activities

AMOS members provide important services to the public and private sectors on demand. These activities facilitate knowledge transfer to the broader community, sharing the expertise and experience that AMOS fosters.

Members undertaking work for a client should ensure the client is aware of both the likelihood of success of the activity and the scientific validity of the approach.

Members should ensure that their clients have proper appreciation of the uncertainties and limitations associated with data, forecasts, and projections provided to them.

Members should decline requests to provide expert evidence or consultancies if the subject falls outside their area of expertise.

Public statements

Engagement with the general public, the media, politicians and other bodies is an essential mechanism to disseminate important scientific outcomes, influence policy, and demonstrate the relevance of the broad range of AMOS activities. In that regard, members are free to make public statements and provide expert opinion on their own behalf.

Public statements and expert opinion should be limited to the member’s areas of expertise and not deliberately contain false or misleading information, or exaggerations.

As per the AMOS rules, certain members can make statements or submit evidence on behalf of the Society. Members with that permission should ensure that their personal opinions are not incorrectly interpreted as an official AMOS policy or position.

No tolerance for unacceptable behaviour

Members found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action as outlined in the AMOS rules.

Members who witness or are made aware of a breach of this Code of Conduct are encouraged to report the offensive behaviour to the AMOS Executive.

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