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AMOS Honorary Membership

AMOS Honorary Members

AMOS very occasionally elects Honorary Members. The AMOS Rules (Rule 3.2) define an Honorary Member thus: “a person who has made an outstanding contribution to meteorology or oceanography over a substantial period of years or who has provided exceptional long-term service and support to the Society. An honorary membership is proposed by the Council and must be approved by a general meeting. Honorary members are not expected to pay fees and may receive Society publications of their choice. An honorary membership cannot be proposed if the number of honorary members exceeds two percent of the total number of members. An honorary member remains a member of the Society for life, unless he/she resigns in accordance with rule 6.”

AMOS Honorary Members Elected Up to 2017

Reg Clarke (elected 1988; died 1990)
Bill Priestley (elected 1988; died 1998)
Bill Gibbs (elected 1997; died 2005)
Bruce Morton (elected 2002; died 2012)
Val Jemmeson (elected 2004)
Rex Falls (elected 2007)

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