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AMOS Fellows

AMOS Fellows

The status of Fellow is available to an existing member who has approved professional qualifications in meteorology, oceanography or related subjects and has made major contributions to the AMOS disciplines over a number of years. The requisite level of qualifications shall be determined by Council.  Click here for more information.

List of AMOS Fellows

Lisa Alexander
Ian Allison
Julie Arblaster
Greg Ayers
Sue Barrell
Peter Baines
Tom Beer
Nathan Bindoff
Michael Box
John Church
Helen Cleugh
Beth Ebert
Jorgen Frederiksen
Diana Greenslade
Neil Holbrook
Greg Holland
Jennifer Hopwood
Christian Jakob
Jochen Kaempf
David Karoly
Todd Lane

Rachel Law
John Le Marshall
Mervyn Lynch
Tom Lyons
Trevor McDougall
Kathleen McInnes
Neville Nicholls
Greame Pearman
Steve Pendlebury
Andy Pitman
Mike Pook
Michael Reeder
Ian Simmonds

Milton Speer
Matthias Tomczak (deceased 2019)
Blair Trewin
Mary Voice
Ian Watterson
Penny Whetton (deceased 2019)
Perry Wiles
John Zillman

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