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Awards, Honours and Grants

Gibbs Medal – biennial award for long-term contribution to operational forecasting services.

Meyers Medal – biennial award to acknowledge high-quality and innovative contributions by researchers in the early stages of their academic career to the sciences covered by AMOS.

Morton Medal – biennial award recognising leadership in meteorology and/or oceanography and/or related fields, with particular emphasis on education and development of young scientists, and personal example in research.

Priestley Medal – biennial award for excellence in meteorological or oceanographic research by a mid-career scientist.

Zillman Medal – biennial award aimed at scientists in their mature years who have made a long and substantial learned research contribution in Australia together with a record of contribution to the Society through the promotion of its aims.

Christopher Taylor Award – biennial award for operational forecasting and related investigations.

Uwe Radok PhD Thesis Award – annual award for the best PhD thesis for the preceding year in the fields of meteorology, oceanography, glaciology or climatology.

AMOS Science Outreach Award – annual award that recognises AMOS outreach ambassadors who engage with the public, politicians, schools, businesses and communities, to educate and inform those groups on topics associated with AMOS themes.

AMOS Fellows Memorial Awards – annual awards for the best student oral presentation and best student poster presentation at the AMOS National Conference.

R.H. Clarke Lecture – annual invited review lecture by an expert in an aspect of meteorology or other related subjects.

AMOS Regional Awards for Academic Achievement – annual awards made in conjunction with AMOS Regional Centres and Universities to the best undergraduate student in their final year in the fields of meteorology, oceanography or related fields.

Penny Whetton Memorial Lecture – Annual invited lecture by a mid-career scientist (5-10 years from their highest degree) on any topic of relevance to the AMOS community.

Awards nomination process

  • Nominations for the Morton Medal, the Meyers Medal and the Gibbs Medal open on the 1 June and close on the 1 September every even year.
  • Nominations for the Priestley Medal, the Zillman Medal, and the Christopher Taylor Award open on the 1 June and close on the 1 September every odd year.
  • The following persons are not eligible for any of the awards: the president, the vice president and the chair of the Awards Committee.  In addition, the chair of the selection committee for each award is not eligible for that award.
  • Only AMOS members can nominate someone for an AMOS award.
  • Nominations should be forwarded to the AMOS Awards Committee chair at

Contents of a nomination package for all AMOS awards other than the Uwe Radok Award

  • A nomination letter of no more than 2 pages. This letter should address the selection criteria for the specific award (these criteria are available on the specific Award webpages)
  • An accompanying brief CV of the nominee of no more than 2 pages
  • A maximum of 3 letters of support, each no longer than 2 pages
  • No publication list is to be included in the nomination package (except for the Priestley Medal)

No copies of published papers are to be included in the nomination package. The total maximum length of nomination package is 10 pages.



Small monetary grants can be made from the R.H. Clarke Endowment to members or groups of members to help finance meteorological projects for which adequate funds are not otherwise available, or to assist with the attendance of younger members at conferences.


For further information on these aspects of the society’s activities please contact the Chair of the Awards Committee:

Beth Ebert
Chair, AMOS Awards Committee

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