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UNSW is currently seeking applications for Scientia PhD scholarships

UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships

UNSW is currently seeking applications for Scientia PhD scholarships that come with a tax-free stipend of 40k p.a. over 4 years and include full tuition waivers and an additional 10k p.a. project costs for travel and career development.  Expressions of interest are sought from suitably qualified graduates.  Closing date is 20 July 2018, although expressions of interest are sought as soon as possible. More details of the scheme are available here.   Note that applicants can apply for at most one Scientia PhD scholarship. Applicants can contact the UNSW staff supervising each project for further details.

  1. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Interplay between the Antarctic ice-sheet, the oceanic circulation and climate Supervisor team: Laurie Menviel, Andy Hogg, Katrin Meissner. Further details or contact
  2. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Latent heat balance dynamics and heatwaves in cities. Supervisor team: Riccardo Paolini, Melissa Hart, and Mattheos Santamouris.  Further details.
  3. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Climate change, air pollution and human health. Supervisor team: Donna Green, John Kaldor, Katrin Meissner. Further details or email
  4. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Ocean Heat Uptake, ENSO and Climate.   Supervisor team: Matthew England, Ryan Holmes, and Shane Keating.   Further detailsor contact
  5. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Dissecting heatwaves: the importance of physical mechanisms and human influence. Supervisor team: Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Melissa Hart, Alex Sen Gupta.Further details here or contact
  6. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Using statistical physics to resolve weather and climate sensitivities. Supervisor team: Steve Sherwood, Martin Jucker and Tim Duty. Further details available here or contact
  7. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – How complex should a land surface model be to accurately predict extremes?  Supervisors: Martin De Kauwe, Lisa Alexander and Andrew Pitman. Further details available here or email
  8. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Changes in ocean ventilation: deconvolutions of hydrographic data and modelling. The supervisory team includes Mark Holzer, Darryn Waugh, and Matt England.  Further details available here.
  9. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – How intense will design storms become with rising temperatures? Supervisor team: Ashish Sharma, Jason Evans, Fiona Johnson. Further details available here or contact
  10. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Locating Renewable Energy Sites to Avoid Climate and Financial Risk. Supervisor team: Merlinde Kay, Jason Evans, Stephen Bremner. Further details available here or contact
  11. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Water-mass variability and change in the East Australian Current System. Supervisor team: Amandine Schaeffer, Jan Zika, Moninya Roughan. Further details here or contact
  12. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Back to the Future: Climate Impacts during the Last Interglacial Supervisor team: Zoë Thomas, Chris Turney, Andy Baker. Further details here or contact
  13. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Quantifying global water cycle change using ocean observations. Supervisor team: Jan Zika, John Church, Trevor McDougall. Further details available here or contact
  14. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship – Bridging the gap between atmospheric models and observations. Supervisor team: Scott Kable, Jenny Fisher, Laura McKemmish. Further details here or contact:
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