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Presenting My Local Weather – additional resources

Additional Resources


A weather report can tell you what happened during the day, but it can also tell you what may happen in the days ahead. This is called a ‘forecast’. These links can help you find the information you need to make a forecast for your area:

  1. – click through to your state and district
  2. View forecasts for wherever you are in Australia – click on what type of forecast you want, and use the map to locate where you are
  3. Here’s how to use all that information to forecast the weather for your area: 10 tips for a more detailed weather forecast
  4. How can I tell if it’s going to rain, and how much rain can I expect? Right as rain: How to interpret the daily rainfall forecast
  5. A cold front brings cold air and possibly rain and storms, but what is it? AskBOM: What is a cold front?

If you want to know more about forecasting:

How do weather forecasters tell the weather? Find out here: Explainer: how meteorologists forecast the weather

What’s in a satellite image? Tell the weather by looking at satellite images of clouds:

Want to know more about weather and climate? These links might be interesting:

National geographic kids climate change info:
Bureau of Meteorology YouTube channel:
Bureau of Meteorology resources:
Climate change fact sheet:
Preparing for cyclones:

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the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.

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