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AMOS Weather Tipping 2018 Grand Final Result and other Prize Winners

David Shield wins the Grand Final!

For the second time in 3 years, David Shield has won the Premiership. As predicted, the contest with Tim Eckert was too tight to call: both forecast brilliantly with a score of 1, but the draw was good enough for David because of his higher ladder position.

Congratulations to David and all the other prize winners. Thanks to all who competed and made this a memorable season; hopefully see you in 2019.

List of Prize Winners for 2018

In keeping with previous years when there is only one major prize (max, min, rain, overall) for any individual, the final list of prizewinners is:
Premiership: David Shield $250
Rainfall forecasts: Rowland Beardsell $100
Minimum temperature forecasts: Tim Eckert $100
Maximum temperature forecasts: Linda Drake $50 and Blair Trewin $50 (finished equal 4th behind David Shield, Tim Eckert and Rowland Beardsell, but they were awarded other major prizes).

Tipper of the Month

April: Rowland Beardsell $15
May: Jesse Xu $15
June: David Shield $15
July: Rob Davis $15
August: Tim Eckert $15

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