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THUNDERSTORM ASTHMA – Public Information Session

Flinders University (City) 182 Victoria Square, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia

Thursday, October 18, 2018 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM ACDT Flinders University (City) 182 Victoria Square, Level 10, room 10.2 Adelaide, SA 5000   Could it happen in our South Australia? In November 2016, a large outbreak of asthma attacks in Melbourne coincided with intense thunderstorm activity. The emergency services were overwhelmed and about 9 fatalities…

AMOS Tasmania – National Science Week – Plastics in the Ocean

Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay, TAS, Australia

Have you ever wondered how marine plastics are transported around the world? What their impact on marine life is? And how the community can help reduce the amount of plastics entering the ocean? We tackle these issues through four short talks and Q & A forum with local experts. Dr Heidi AumanDr David GriffinDr Lauren…

AMOS ACT – National Science Week – Living With Climate Change

China in the World Auditorium Building 188, Fellows Lane, Australian National University, Action, ACT, Australia

The effects of climate change are already a reality for much of the world's population. As we continue into the future, how will we live our daily lives, and tackle the larger political, economic and social challenges which lie ahead? Join us for this panel discussion with climate and policy experts from the ANU -…

AMOS SA – National Science Week – Our Climate: Trends and Drivers

Flinders University (City Campus) 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Our climate is not just governed by the sun and greenhouse gases. It has many drivers, from atmospheric circulation to ocean currents. Even the Antarctic influences our local climate! Come and hear about this complex system and be ready to ask our four experts your questions. Our climate is changing. In the last ten years…

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