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Please complete this form if you wish to convene a workshop or other activity at AMOS 2024.

AMOS 2024: Request for Workshops/Activities

Do you want to organise a high-quality workshop or activity at the AMOS 2024 - The 30th Conference of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society? We’re calling for your expressions of interest!

  • Details

  • Please provide a title for the proposed workshop or activity.
  • Are you proposing an activity or a workshop?
  • e.g. cloud physics, regional downscaling, engaging with stakeholders, education, professional development, etc.
  • Please provide a description for the proposed workshop/activity to be posted on the conference website (150 words).
  • How do you intend to run this activity? e.g. Q&A, lecture, group exercise etc. while noting special equipment required (include online tools if required).
  • Convenor Details

  • Please provide the name of the lead convenor. This person will be the main contact for the proposed workshop/activity.
  • Please provide details for a second convenor.
  • Please provide details for a third convenor (if required).
  • Please list any other convenors, instructors, panel members, and those involved in running the workshop/activity.
  • Other information

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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