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For the Public

For the Public

Engaging with Scientists

If you would like a climate or environmental scientist to visit your organisation or business, please contact us at Our scientist members can talk about several topics, such as paleoclimatology, weather forecasts, ocean currents, climate theory and climate change projections, extreme weather and natural disasters, and atmospheric chemistry.

Useful Links and Resources

Please see our Useful Links page for an extensive list of climate related online resources.

And here are some online courses and citizen science projects to get involved in:

  • The University of Queensland has three online courses on Tropical Coastal Ecosystems, Making sense of Climate Science Denial, and Essential Tools for the low-carbon Economy.
  • The Climate Council’s Prof. Lesley Hughes and Prof. Tim Flannery run four modules on climate change concepts and mitigation.
  • Search for hundreds of free online course on climate, weather, meteorology and oceanography, and much more at MOOC.
  • The University of the Third Age (U3A) has online courses suitable for older people at low cost. There is an upcoming Climate Change course here.
  • Help solve national problems by running weather simulations on your home computer using the Weather@homeapp.
  • Help scientists track the impact of climate change on native wildlife using the WildCount app.
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