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For Scientists

For Scientists

Engaging the Public

We encourage all AMOS members and scientists to get involved in AT LEAST ONE outreach or educational activity per year. This could include:

  • Talking about your science career journey to a high school class
  • Helping students with scientific information for a science report via email
  • Providing a video link to a classroom when you next do field work
  • Giving a lecture to science teachers on science fundamentals
  • Doing an experiment in a classroom, helping out at major science events (such as National Science Week)
  • Creating a science blog
  • Also see our Past Science Engagement  section for successful science engagement stories

An ongoing national effort to partner scientists and primary/secondary schools is the CSIRO Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program. It’s free and easy to sign up; you can choose the student ages and school locations best suited to you, as well as the level of commitment between you and the school(s).

NOTE: Each state now requires a ‘Working With Vulnerable People’ card for working with children/vulnerable people. Please check in your state what the requirements are to apply for the card. The application is fairly simple and costs around $20, but can take about a month or more to be processed.

If you have any educational resources or experiences you think AMOS could promote here, please contact us:

Science Communication Resources

(Science communication tips and resources are being updated)

Awards and Opportunities

  • AIPS Tall Poppy Awards: Nominations close April 9th 2017
  • CAPSTAN (Collaborative Australian Postgraduate Sea Training Alliance Network): student applications open now till April 26th 2017
  • The Fresh Science award for communicating your research in compelling ways
  • Australian Museum Eureka Prizes for research & innovation, science leadership and science engagement. Entries close May 5th 2017.
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