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There is limited funding available for registration waivers, registration discounts, per diems and accommodation grants for students, ECRs and researchers from Countries with Developing Economies (CDEs) and some registration discounts and waivers available for postgraduate students who have no access to funding.  There is also discount registration available for researchers that have limited access to funding. Applications will be reviewed by the conference committee and funding will be granted on a case by case basis.

Waivers and grants are reserved to those who have no access to funding.  Most universities have travel grants for students to attend conferences so please ensure that these options have been exhausted prior to applying for AMOS grants.


Postgraduate students, ECRs and researchers living in developing countries or low-income countries OR researchers or postgraduate students who do not have access to funding.  Only those who have an abstract accepted for presenting either a talk or a poster will be eligible to receive funding.


For all applications, we require the below application form to be completed. Note that you are asked to provide a scanned letter from your current institution supporting your participation at the conference and the justification for a request for a grant.

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