The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) invites you to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.
Join us as we showcase the latest innovations in some of the vital sciences of our times.

Science for Life 

Life-changing science in Weather, Oceans, Water and Climate

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
22–23 August 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Science is for life. Across the world, 24 hours a day, our scientists are using the most sophisticated technologies to observe, measure and analyse the Earth’s vital signs. Science for Life will tell the story of how their insights and innovations are helping us protect and enhance life.

AMOS - 30th Anniversary celebration

This year marks a milestone for the meteorological and oceanographic professions in Australia, as well as for the broader weather-enthusiast community. AMOS was founded in 1987 as a successor to the Australian Branch of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMS), which at the time had existed for 15 years. So together we’re celebrating both a 30-year and 45-year anniversary.  In August 2017, the RMS will join us in Melbourne to celebrate international cooperation and scientific advances in meteorology and oceanography.

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