AMOS statements

AMOS publishes formal position statements that are developed, reviewed and ultimately approved by the membership over a period of many months, as well as less formal information statements that can be produced in a faster and more timely manner. The details of all current AMOS statements are as follows:

  • Information statement on coral bleaching [published 27 September, 2016]
  • Information statement on why observations of atmospheric and oceanic composition are important [published 9 May, 2016]
  • Information statement on possible changes to national atmospheric and oceanographic research [published 17 February, 2016]
  • Position statement on climate change [adopted 2 February, 2016]
  • Position statement on weather analysis and prediction in Australia [adopted 1 August 2017]

A copy of these statements can be downloaded below. AMOS members can also login to view the details of the member review of each position statement prior to publication (see review link in right hand panel).

Endorsed AMS statements

While the Expert Groups within AMOS do a fantastic job in developing position and information statements that are highly specific to the needs and interests of Australia, there are always more topics that could be covered. Recognising that the larger international Societies in the weather, climate and ocean sciences have a greater capacity to produce statements (albeit not specifically focused on Australia), AMOS included an item in its Memorandum of Understanding with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) which allows it to formally endorse and share AMS statements of its choosing. Below is the current list of formally endorsed AMS statements, which can be found at the AMS statements webpage.

  • Weather, water and climate priorities [endorsed 8 July, 2016]