The Society is keen to support education at school and university levels. If you run an educational course or program that may be of interest to AMOS members, please bring it to our attention using the contact details below.

 Angela Maharaj / Melissa Lyne
 Beth Walton  Mitchell Black
 Blair Trewin
 Clem Davis
 Simon Torok  Rob Willis
 Dick Whitaker  Phil Riley  


If you are interested in being involved in any projects, or want further information, feel free to contact the Education Subcommittee at any time.

Study at University

We maintain an web page linking to universities that teach Meteorology and Oceanography, either as part of a undergraduate stream or as a short course.  Please send us any corrections or suggestions.

Further Links

Science and Industry
Science and Technology Australia 
Science and Technology Australia is the nation's peak science and technology organisation

Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry


Science Week

Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS)

CSIRO’s Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS) is a national program that creates and supports flexible, ongoing partnerships between volunteer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) professionals and teachers in primary and secondary schools across Australia. Volunteering for these programs provides the opportunity to engage with teachers and students to have a positive impact and make a difference to STEM education, to develop communication skills for different audiences and be part of a program that’s helping to inspire the next generation.

SMiS seeks to bring the practice of real world STEM to classrooms to inspire and motivate teachers and students in the teaching and learning of STEM. Additionally it aims to broaden awareness of the variety of careers available and increase STEM professionals’ engagement with the broader community. Currently there are over 1900 partnerships across Australia.

Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and CSIRO, and managed by CSIRO. To find out more information, please visit