2016 AMOS School Art Competition 
Weather as a Force

AMOS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Art Competition. We had a very large number of entries so we expanded the categories.

Many thanks to our judges, Dick Whittaker (Sky News Weather, The Weather Channel) and the artist Martine Emdur.  The judges had a difficult time in making their decision as we had so many fabulous entries.  AMOS would like to thank all participants for taking the time to enter and sharing with us their amazing artwork.


Category - Pre-school

1st Prize - "Thunderstorm" by Evan Han (PS) - Imagination Preschool *

There is big storm happened near the mountain.  Leaves drop off from trees. It keeps raining hard.

2nd Prize - (PS) - "Exploring rain" by Kangaroo Paw Class (PS), Tillys Play and Development Centre Waratah 2 **
The children in the Kangaroo Paw room had run experimenting with cotton balls and blue paint. They learnt that "clouds get full of water" and when "the cloud is all full up" it squeezes the water out and it "rains on our gardens". The children discussed how "the sun and rain and dirt makes our garden grow".

Category - Kinder to Grade 2

1st Prize - "Kangaroo in snowy mountain" by Sean Li (Y1) - Waitara Public School *

The weather changed dramatically, everywhere is covered with snow, kangaroos have to find a new home to live.

2nd Prize - "Where are you raindrops?" by Connie Cheung (Y2) - Eastwood Heights Public School**

Raindrops, where do you come from? 
Do you come from a playground up in the sky? 
Do you come from a cubby house in the cloud?  
Do you come from a secret garden somewhere?
Raindrops, where will you go? 
Will you visit the mountains? 
Will you go swimming in the ocean? 
Or, will you come to my backyard and play with me?

Category - Grade 3-6 

1st Prize $200 - "Sudden Shock" by Ryan Chou (Y3), Waitara Public School *

Thunderstorms are a deadly force in our lives. They shake buildings, people, transport and homes. They can show that the power of nature's force can change daily routines from driving to work, to living without electricity, and the mode of travelling to school. Lightning and rain reminds us of what the world can throw at us, and how we handle it.  In this artwork, the storm is taking its wonderful journey through the mountainous city. The soft calm night quickly taken over by the brutal storm in a minute, though the piece, it's simple yet powerful composure sought out after many hours of effort. Many building's electricity supply has been cut off showing the tremendous amount of force which the thunderstorm holds.

2nd Prize $100 - "City Storm" by Dane Nicholas Gubb, Vermont Primary School**

The artwork describes a city that is facing a storm with heavy rain and thunder. You can also see the end of the storm coming your way with the dim sun in the distance. The strong wind can also be noticed in the artwork. The strong wind, rain and dark clouds all relate to the theme.

High School - Grades 7-10

1st Prize - $200 "Brewing Storm" by  (Yue) Rabi Siu - Baulkham Hills High School*

My artwork can have two meanings. The storm can be either a symbol of rain (salvation) or horrible wind (curse). The field can be either a field of grass or crops. I was inspired to draw this picture as I was born in Hong Kong, a city with little nature. Therefore it would be natural that i would leap at an opportunity such as this.

2nd Prize - $100 - "Waves" - Michelle Li (Year 10)- Baulkham Hills High School **

My artwork constitutes and embodies water, light and energy inspired by the qualities of science. The three important forces of nature exist within each other and the different elements combine to create a calm, yet deep and meaningful photograph. The beautiful impact of weather as a force can be seen within the ripples and movement which also offer psychological and emotional insight into the artwork. Overall, my photograph manipulates motion and light to reflect weather as an acting force on all that exists within the world.

Special AMOS prizes for Creativity


Prize $100 - "Weather Warriors" by Coco Sampson (Y4), Reddam House**

**WEATHER WARRIORS is a fun game that teaches kids about the different types of wild weather forces.  
*LIGHTNING BOLT will show you how she charges up to electrify 
*TORNADO THRASHER will tell you how he twists and thrashes the air
*WIND BLASTER will blow you away with how she turns wind into a weapon

*HAIL RAISER will show you how he turns water into hail to hammer down 
*CYCLONE CRUSHER will control the air and suck up everything in her path 
*RAIN REAPER will show you how she creates rain to pour down

Challenge your friends to test their weather smarts & see who will win the battle to become the ULTIMATE WEATHER WARRIOR!

"Weather in our world"  Class Collective Artworks by Taroona Primary School Prep Class
(Multiple art works)
School Prize to the value of $150

School Prizes

Where applicable, in addition to the above individual prizes, the following prizes are awarded as follows *$250 meteorology related books/tools for winning school
** $100 meteorology related books/tools for second placed school

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


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